About Us

Welcome to Blissful Botanicals Wholesale

We are a wholesale distributor specializing in innovative Kratom products and natural alternatives. We proudly operate in the USA. We have been mastering our craft since 2010 and we love what we do. We offer bulk herbs and fully packaged retail products to retail stores, wholesalers and we supply many USA kratom vendors with bulk powders and extract.

We do not sell to non-wholesale accounts (general public). All clients must be verified by distributors and retailers. By restricting public sales, we can protect our clients and partners by not offering our products directly to their customers online.


We offer our products in capsules, powder, extract, herbal teas and liquid extract tinctures. Our products are manufactured in a clean, food-grade processing facility where we follow GMP standards to assure a clean packaging process.

We partner with multiple U.S. laboratories to test for bacteria, microbes, heavy metals, plant material identity, and potency. This solidifies that our products are clean, trusted, and ensure a consistent product.

Our dry herbal products are natural and have no added synthetic ingredients or fillers. Our herbal liquids are made from natural herbs with added preservatives which is a national standard to prevent molding and bacteria growth.

Our extracts and concentrates are made through clean extraction processing which we do in-house. We do not source our extracts from foreign nations which many times are counterfeit or have added ingredients.


Our family strongly believes that providing a pure, potent and consistent product is key for building strong customer relations that consistently brings repeat business. We feel so confident in our products, we will back them by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you feel that our products do not meet your customer needs or are not a good fit for your business, we will gladly offer you your money back 100% guaranteed.

We would love to help you make your business a great success by adding to your product selection and to build a friendship you can trust and rely on.


Team Bliss